WHEEL OF LIFE | Tamara Maksimović | Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2021 | 04’’

This movie is dedicated to all the cyclical processes of the universe and human beings being a part of the same oneness. The snake is eating her tail. She is consuming and regenerating herself as life does. It gradually transforms into a woman.

Her connection to the moon triggers the rotation of the Wheel. The many cycles of life begin, at the micro and macro level. We see the stories about the spirits that live inside and around us. The Wheel itself has a form of a mandala (Sanskrit: ‘’circle’’), a symbolic diagram used in the performance of sacred rituals and as an instrument of meditation.


DIRECTOR AND WRITER: Tamara Maksimović

ANIMATORS: Tamara Maksimović

INBETWEEN AND CLEANUP ARTISTS: Dajana Vulin, Fedor Marić, Petra Jocić, Andrea Virag, Marija Kalabić, Kristina Puvača, Maja Maksimović

COMPOSER: Ruslan Perezhilo

SOUND DESIGNER: Ruslan Perezhilo

MENTORS: Mladen Đukić, Darko Kreč



T-short – Latvia

Pictoplasma – Berlin, Germany

Animex – Middlesbrough, UK

Supertoon IAF – Šibenik, Croatia

Animakom – Bilbao, Spain

Nepal Film Festival – Nepal

Fantoche – Switzerland

Sarajevo Film Festival – Sarajevo, BiH

Animator FEST – Jagodina, Serbia

Animart – Greece

Animateka – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Piccolo Festival Animazione – Italy

Ratma Film Festival – UK

Balkanima – Belgrade, Serbia

Banjaluka IAFF – Banja Luka, BiH

Sardinia Film Festival – Sardinia

FECEA – Brasil

Anima Brussels – Brussels, Belgium

Icona – Greece

BIHLAF – Germany


T-short – Latvia – Audience Award

Sarajevo Film Festival – Sarajevo, BiH – Jury Special Mention

Banjaluka IAFF – Banjaluka, BiH – Audience Award and Jury Special Mention

BIHLAF – Germany – Jury Special Mention


Graduated at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka. Adventurer, a person with a free spirit, naturalist and animal lover. She is a part of the ‘’Animacikl’’ project, undergraduate short ‘’Ale’’ along with her classmates and recently she finished her first documentary short ‘’The Body’’. “ Wheel of Life” is her graduation movie.

Producer`s bio

Mladen Đukić is an animator/director/producer. He graduated in Film Editing from the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka in 2004. In 2010, he graduated in character animation from Animation Mentor and in 2014 he earned an MA in Film and TV Production from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. In 2008, he started Aeon Production Ltd. In 22 years, he has produced and directed 11 shorts, 6 animated. He has also directed over 200 episodes of TV shows (children, daily drama, sitcom), as well as making over 500 ads, mostly animation. He co-founded the International Short Film Festival Kratkofil in 2008 and was a jury member at eight international festivals. As of 2010, he has been teaching animation at the Academy of Arts, University of Banja Luka. He’s full professor, and with his colleagues, he started the Animation Department in 2014, the first and only in Bosnia. With his students, he started the project Animacikl.com.

Igor Đurić