Dark light voyage

Tin Dirdamal & Eva Cadena
66 min / 2021 / Mex-Vietnam

A Buddhist anti-parable of a journey into the dark light. His daughter looked out the window. It was 20 kilometres away from the Run Tribe-a people who are said to have been feeding a fire since the beginning. If they were to let fire die, humanity would cease to exist. The journey was by train, from the north to the south of Vietnam because the man could not be in one place. He needed to be neither here nor there to understand that thing that so preturbed him.

J-i.hlava '21 Award Winner
Barcelona '21 Award
Winner Torino '21
Mar del Plata '21
Goteborg '22


Marko Grba Singh
62 min / 2021 / Serbia

From an abandoned apartment in the suburbs of Belgrade, a preserving reminisincee of nightmares mix with memoriews from childhood. A grandfather's video recorder, pets, gatherings and images from the uncertain years of 1998 and 1999 reveal a common life embraced by historical event.

Best Balkan Newcomer
DokuFest International
Documentary and Short Film Festival Kosovo 2021
Memorial Award "Jovan Aćin" for Contribution to Cinema
Filmmakers Guild of Serbia / Udruženje filmskih umetnika Srbije (UFUS), Serbia 2021
Best Film European Debut Competition, Vilnius International Film, Festival Kino, Pavasaris, Lithuania 2022

O jednoj mladosti

Ivan Ramljak
76 min / 2020 / Croatia

13 years after the unexpected death of his one time best friend, filmmaker tries to reconstruct his life and their relationship, using just the photographs and video materials which his friend shot back then. A film about the lost generation of Croatian youth in the end of the 90's, who are trying to find their identity in the aftermath of a devastating war.

Best Balkan Documentary, DokuFest International, Documentary and Short Film Festival 2020
Grand Prix, Days of Croatian Film, 2020
Grand Prix, Poitiers Film Festival, 2020
OBC Transeuropa (Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa Award), Trieste Film Festival, 2020
Special mention, Free Zone Film Festival, 2020
Oktavijan for Best Documentary Feature, Croatian Society of Film Critics (HDFK, 2021)

B-ROLL with Andre

James N. Kienitz Wilkins
18´30 / 2015 / USA

B-ROLL with Andre is equally a standalone movie and the unofficial "sequel" to Special Features (2014) and TESTER (2015).At some point in an unspecified future, the internal narrative picks up a thread of characters introduced in Special Features and discussed in TESTER, remixing current events, personal theories and video technology in an unholy alliance. The three movies were produced in sequential video formats(BetaSP, MiniDV, HD) which correspond to the timeframes of each story (prequel, original, sequel). However, if the movies are screened together, they would ideally be presented in order of production (Special Features, TESTER, B-ROLL with Andre).

International Film Festival Rotterdam (Tiger Awards Competition For Short Films) 2016
Lichter FilmFest International Frankfurt 2016 Winner: Art Award
Curtocircuito 2016-Winner: Best Explora Short Film


Fiamma Montezemolo
38 min / 2014 / USA

Echo is set in the border between Mexico and USA and it is an ethnographic research on the after life and "echoes" of 9 art works that have been part of the two-decade old public art event called inSite. It highlights the procedures of intrusion at work in such a site as the US-Mexico border as well as the now canonical deployment of the emblematic figure of fieldwork. It teaches us that intrusion is an ontological dimension of intervention, at once anthropological, curatorial, and artistic.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs

Morelia International Film Festival, (Cine sin Frontera), Mexico
Cine Sin Fronteras, Los. Angeles Latino American Cinematheque, Los Angeles
The Elephant in the Room, Open School East/Royal College of Arts, London
ALA, (Congreso Antropologia Latinoamericana), screening followed by a discussion with Nestor Garcia Canclini, Mexico City

Kuća ima rogove

Stefan Tomić
23'30 / 2021 / Bosnia

A family of three discovers that none of them have slept in days. The mother, concerned about the health of her family, tries to fight this mysterious insomnia, but every attempt is in vain. She begins to lose her sanity and as she breaks down, so does her family. Secrets are revealed and further jeopardize their relationship. Can they overcome those secrets? Maybe one honest word is what it takes.

Winter Apricots-Prilep International Film Festival (Macedonia)
Jahorina Film Festival (Winner best International short film)
Sarajevo Film Festival
Early Bird International Student Film Festival (Bulgaria)
Serbia International Youth Film Festival
Diorama International Film Festival (India)
Star Film Fest (Croatia)

Anatomija hipomanije

Mina Vavan
31 min / 2022 / Serbia

A retired anatomy professor lives in this cabinet in the Medicine Faculty in Belgrade. He travels every week to another country to teach anatomy at Private University in a small town. In a 10 square meters room he continues on doing research in neuroscience, while he spends his free time with his daughters.

69. March festival of documentary and short film (Winner best documentary film)
Ravno selo film festival (2022.) - Short documentary films selection


Branislav Stošić
10 min / 2022 / Bosnia

During his night shift at the theater, Marko imagines himself to be a director and rehearses with actors. However, he is interrupted by the vision of his dead brother Milan. Marko runs away from his brother, but Milan constantly appears in front of him. He accuses Mark of leaving him and his mother. Then we find out that Marko let Milan drive a car after one concert, that they had an accident and that Milan ends up in wheelchair. Marko moved to another city out of remorse, and Milan killed himself because he could not continue living in a wheelchair. Mark tries to fight his sins, but some things we will never be able to forgive ourselves.