Parallels lab is an educational platform in documentary and media art for emerging filmmakers of the Western Balkan countries, with the aim to stimulate new talent, celebrate the diversity of identities of the region and belief in the decentralisation of the audiovisual production. The program invites emerging filmmakers in the development of new voices in the non-fiction field, stimulates new talent and high-level documentary production on cities that need spaces for developing and supporting voices, stories and new visions of our world. Parallels Lab is a training and mentorship program that gives access to production of diverse realities that deserve to be known.

The main objective of Parallels lab is to construct bridges through audio-visual language between young generations of filmmakers with our communities, connecting particular stories and visions with the European realities and contexts. We believe in the power of the diverse and particular identity, celebrating our common past and bet for a collaborative future.

Secondary Objectives -Facilitate cross-cultural exchange and understanding by showcasing the diverse stories and visions of emerging filmmakers from Western Balkan countries to international audiences.

-Foster collaboration and networking opportunities among emerging filmmakers from the Western Balkan and European film industry professionals.

-Amplify underrepresented voices and stories by providing a platform for filmmakers from marginalized communities.

Target group/s and gender representation within the group/s; The target audience for the program are emerging filmmakers from the Western Balkan region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, specifically those with first or second feature projects. The program provides an educational platform in documentary and media art, aiming to stimulate new talent, celebrate regional diversity, and promote decentralisation of audiovisual production. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with both international and local directors, scholars, and producers in a creative and regional development environment. The program aims to nurture and support emerging voices in the non-fiction field.