Očevina | Stefan Tomić | Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2022 | 15:50’

Short Synopsis: Father and son meet after twenty years of silence, but some wounds time won’t heal if the moment is gone.

Long Synopsis: Aleksandar, a thirty-year-old construction worker, comes to visit his father, whom he has not seen for twenty years, to find out why his father Simo wants to see him right now.
The two sit down, and Simo slowly gets to know his son’s life, and admits that he called him because he wants to leave him all the land after his death.
Aleksandar gets angry that he didn’t call for twenty years, and now that he did, he did it for the sake of the land.
Things escalate, revealing their history and the reason why Aleksandar and his mother ran away from Simo twenty years ago, and that time won’t heal some wounds, if the right moment is gone.

DIRECTOR: Stefan Tomić
SCREENPLAY: Stefan Tomić
Đorđe Blažić
Sonja Savić
MAIN EDITOR: David Gatarić
MUSIC: Bora Dugić
SOUND: Nikola Todorović
COSTUME: Sara Stjepanović
PRODUCER: Monika Milanović
PRODUCTION: Academy of Arts, Banja Luka
Main Contact (Company, name and e-mail address): Stefan Tomić, stefan.tomic998@gmail.com

Cast: Radoje Čupić  -SIMO, THE FATHER
Danilo Kerkez  – ALEKSANDAR, THE SON
Slađana Zrnić – THE NURSE

Biography of Director:
Stefan Tomić (August 7, 1998 / Banja Luka) is a fourth-year student of Film and TV Directing at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka. So far, he has made seven short films and one short documentary. He is the creative author of all his works, in terms of screenwriting, developing ideas, directing and editing. He won the first prize for the best screenplay in cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Culture of the Republic of Srpska, and the Kinoteka of Republic of Srpska for the film „The House Has Horns“. His documentary „The Roots“, won the Special Jury Award in the Student category at the Sarajevo Film Festival , and was screened at festivals in Europe and Asia.

Stefan Tomić