Artists making movies; documentary film, anthropology and ethnography By Kostana Banović
This masterclass offers a unique fusion of these disciplines to craft compelling narratives that resonate. Whether you’re a filmmaker, artist, student or curious about these fields, join us to explore the powerful realm where documentary making, film, anthropology, and ethnography converge.
Koštana Banović works in various disciplines such as drawing, performance, video and film. The ritual is a recurring element in her work: as a choreography, as a reflection of history, and as an action that activates objects, materials and aesthetics, and blurs boundaries. Her cinematic practise addresses the interaction between experimental and cinéma vérité documentary styles, and includes a reflexivity belonging to the category of essay-film. Her films have been numerously awarded and screened at film festivals internationally, such as the IFFR in Rotterdam and Ji.hlava IDFF in Jihlava. She has exhibited across multiple international exhibition platforms, cultural-exchange residencies, and performed long-lasting artistic research in Senegal, Brazil and the countries of former Yugoslavia. She has also actively engaged in several art-educational and pedagogical contexts, was long-time teacher at the University of Arts in Utrecht (HKU) in the Fine Arts department, and guest teacher at various (post-) graduate institutes such as the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. She is currently director of KAMEN Artist Residency in Bosnia and Herzegovina and managing director of Eastern Neighbours Film Festival in the Netherlands. (