Kad zaboraviš juli | Sara Radusinović | Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2022 | 23’

Short Synopsis:
Do people who stayed in the past for a reason still have a place in our present?

Long Synopsis:
Tara and Igor are two people in their thirties. They live completely different lives.Tara made a career as a successful screenwriter in Belgrade while Igor is unemployed and lives in Trebinje. While Tara occasionally stays in the apartment of her boyfriend who is a famous actor in the region, Igor lives with his wife and two children. 


Original Title:  Kad zaboraviš juli
English Title: When you forget July
Genre: drama (short)
Duration: 23 min
Year of Production: 2021/2022
Country of Production: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Country/es of Co-Production:/
Screening Format:
Colour (Colour, Black and White or both): Colour
Language: Bosnian/Serbian
Subtitles:  English

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Boris Andrejević/Dalibor Danilović
MAIN EDITOR: Aleksandar Jurić
SOUND: Miroslav Pudarić, Jovan Erceg
SOUND DESIGN: Predrag Blagojević ( sound design and mix )
COSTUME: Sara Radusinović
CASTING DIRECTOR: Sara Radusinović
PRODUCTION DESIGN: Strahinja Janković, Sara Marković
PRODUCER: Marijana Gudelj
PRODUCTION: Academy of Arts, Banja Luka

TARA – Jelena Jandrić
IGOR – Emir Fejzić
BORIS- Jovan Dabović
MILENA- Marija Đajić


Tara is a modern and independent woman with very little feeling for the traditional framework of the Balkans and gives the impression that she is younger than she is. Igor is a bit lost in space and time and gives the impression of an eternal teenager. At first glance, they have nothing in common, even visually they are quite different. However, Tara and Igor were madly in love ten years ago. Their relationship was very turbulent, but also enchanting and euphoric – just the way it should be in the early twenties. Now, ten years later, they have both fallen into everyday life and a certain monotony of life that seems less fun than when they were young. When they meet again after so many years, they start waking up to emotions that have long since ceased to exist … or did they at least think so?

Biography of Director:
Sara Radusinović (1994 ) is  a professional film and TV director. After finishing Art high school, she entered the Academy of Arts in 2015. Her documentary film „The Lost City“, was shown at many festivals and received great reviews (VIVA, STIFF, SFF). In the same year ( 2017 ), as the only representative of film school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, she went to the FAJR FILM FESTIVAL in Tehran, Iran. The festival organized the Talent Campus for the first time, which was attended by students of film schools from all over the world. Her film „I’m not here“ from 2019 won the Special Jury Award in the BIH student film competition at the 25th SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL, and was also well received at many festivals, both domestic and European. In 2019 as a film school student, she was volunteering at the “BONES” television  show project, and after that, she got the opportunity to work as extras leader and director’s secretary on the „HOTEL BALKAN“ television show project, where she spent 7 months. After, she went back to her final exams. In the period of one and half year, she worked as a director at ATV television, while working on her graduation film „WHEN YOU FORGET JULY“ .She graduated in July of 2022. Her graduation film was premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival, and in a short period of time was selected at more then 20 festivals in Ex-Yu and Europe. “When you forget July” has won six awards at various international film festivals like Early bird film festival in Sofia and Ravno selo film festival in Serbia, and in Spain, Turkey.

Filmography of Director (as Director); YEAR, NAME OF FILM, TYPE OF FILM:

  • When you forget July, short , 2022
  • Im not here, short, 2018
  • Minutes, short, 2018
  • Lost City, short documentary, 2017
  • Iskra, short, 2016

Sara Radusinović