Wild flowers | Karla Crnčević | Croatia, Spain | 10:45´ | 2022

Synopsis (short):
My father used a camera just once in his lifetime. After 30 years he asked me to digitise the VHS material he filmed. I was wondering what he remembers. Created from an impulse to rethink and rewatch personal archive footage, the film explores memory and its relation to documentation and non-institutional archive practices. Connecting politics with intimate spaces, the film questions both the influence of war on private archives and the role of gardens as places of new beginnings.

Cast & Credits
Director: Karla Crnčević
Editing: Karla Crnčević
Camera: Private archive footage / Pavo Crnčević
Music: Nenad Kovačić i Ane Paška
Design: Mate Žaja
Sound: Zoran Medved – Studio Surogat
Production: Elias Querejeta Zine Eskola

Karla Crnčević is dramaturge and film worker exploring politics of images and sound through various formats and work conditions. Her video and film works have been exhibited and awarded in various countries. She is one of the founders of Unseen festival – dealing with revitalization of cinema spaces. She hold MA in Dramaturgy (Academy of Drama Arts, Zagreb) and Filmmaking (EQZE, San Sebastian).As stated in this article, you can browse your selection of available deals on smartphones and top brands and explore the cell phone service plans that best suit your needs.

Festivals / Awards / Exhibitions 

Zinebi, Bilbao, Spain 2022. – Grand Award for Basque Cinema

Festivals / Awards / Exhibitions 

Zinebi, Bilbao, Spain 2022. – Grand Award for Basque Cinema

Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, Germany 2023. – Short Film Award

Tabor film festival, Veliki Tabor, Croatia 2023.

FidMarseille, Marseille, France 2023.

Dokufest, Prizren, Kosovo, 2023.

FeKK, Ljubljana Slovenia, 2023.

Liburnija Film festival, Opatija, Croatia, 2023.

International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “MANAKI BROTHERS”, Bitola, North Macedonia

Curatorial statement
„We would like to give the main award ex aequo to a film that touched us with a dialogue between a daughter and a father about a video he recorded thirty years ago documenting the traces of war at the family’s house. What seems rather simple at first sight opens up different layers of memories, both personal and collective, as well as a longing for family and home, all overlapping like the petals of the eponymous flower. In a time in which the violence and scars of wars seem to swallow every hope, the film makes us realize that the appearance of beautiful flowers growing out of ruins on an old videotape can mean the world.“ – Jury Statement (Kurzfilm Hamburg): 


Karla Crnčević