Cinema Parallels 2023 edition Documenting realities: The facto fiction Films will be focus under the subject of the performing act and the fictional artifact of the cinema.  The central idea is to project films and open a meaningful dialogue about the corporality and bodies in the reality scenarios and fictional staging. Documenting realities: The facto fiction Films underlay the important of the “scenery”, spaces, landscapes, locations and places in juxtaposition with the characters, subjects, performers and actors in films. From direct cinema and verité style films that only incorporate natural actors, to re-enactment as a narrative and main strategy, to psychedelic and experimental ethnography narratives to films that incorporate theater strategies and natural landscapes that incorporate the physicality of the body to proposals that vanish and disappear the corporality under virtual actors and avatar to the expanded reality and the virtual world.

Cinema Parallels have 4 main sections:
  • International features
  • International shorts
  • International and regional art / video installations and interactive projects
  • Local and regional short film section

 Cinema Parallels educational platforms:
  • Master class
  • Documentary Summer Camp