Documentary Summer Camp

The Documentary Summer Camp is an educational platform in documentary and media art for emerging filmmakers of the ex-Yugoslavian countries, with the aim to stimulate new talent, celebrate the diversity of identities of the region and belief in the decentralization of the audiovisual production. The program invites emerging filmmakers in the development of new voices in the non-fiction field.

Cinema Parallels organize the first Documentary Summer Camp next summer 2021(dates to be announce). The Camp will be a space to stimulate new talent and high-level documentary production. The DSC is a training and mentorship program that gives access to production of diverse realities that deserve to be known.

Audience: The target of the program are young filmmakers with first or second feature projects, that will work with booth international and local directors, scholars and producers in a creative and regional development environment in Pecka Visitor Center*, in a beautiful nature surrounding.

Objective: The main objective of the DSC is to construct bridges trough audio-visual language between young generation of filmmakers with our communities, connecting particular stories and visions with the European realities and contexts. We believe in the power of the diverse and particular identity, celebrating our common past and bet for a collaborative future.

Dynamics of operation: The Documentary Summer Camp is a project driven workshop. By an open call to emerging filmmakers with a project in development, the program will gather filmmakers to offer creative and professional development with the advice and mentorship of documentary professionals, producers and filmmakers. During 5 days the selected filmmakers will be in an etno-house, writing, discussin and watching films, both, inside and in an open facility, in natural surroundings attending a collaborative workshop where they will further develop their individual projects and gain knowledge and skills necessary for their professional and personal development. We will provide all the expenses for the selected filmmaker include: transportation, accommodation and access to all the formative and recreational activities.

How to apply: DSC is addressed to young filmmakers; students and recent graduate from a film, audiovisual or art school living in the ex-Yugoslavian countries: Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Kosovo* with first or second project in development. Send us an email with a project dossier to:

Dossier must include:
- Name
- Age
- School and country or residency
- Title of the project
- Log line
- Synopsis (up to 250 words)
- Treatment (up to 1200 words)
- Mood board, audiovisual material or link to research footage or trailer
- Motivation letter (up to 500 words)

*Visitor Center Pecka is an old abandoned school transformed into a community center, a common space for exchange of ideas and ecology practices combining environmentally conscious and sustainable practices, as well as offering organic and home-made, fresh food. Pecka is located in the most beautiful nature outside of Banja Luka.

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