Welcome to Sodom

Cinema Parrallels 2019 Edition

Florian Weigensamer, Christian Krönes, Austria, 2018, 90 min.

Cleverly interwoven, the destinies of the various protagonists unravel the complex story of this apocalyptic society. Their very personal inner voices allow a deep insight into life and work at this place – and of Sodom itself. Life on the dump becomes a picture puzzle of our modern globalized civilization, short-lived technology becomes the metaphor for a capitalistic luxury, throw-away society. The seemingly apocalyptic setting is, for those who live there, a place full of perspective.

  • Directors

    Florian Weigensamer, Christian Krönes

  • Producers

    Christian Krönes, Roland Schrotthofer

  • Camera

    Christian Kermer

  • Editor

    Christian Kermer