Talog By Bransilav Stosic / 10min / 2022 /  Bosnia

During his night shift at the theater, Marko imagines himself to be a director and rehearses with actors. However, he is interrupted by the vision of his dead brother, Milan. Marko runs away from his brother, but Milan constantly appears in front of him. He accuses Marko of leaving him and his mother. Then we find out that Marko let Milan drive a car after one concert, that they had an accident and that Milan ends up in a wheelchair. Marko moved to another city out of remorse, and Milan killed himself because he could not continue living in a wheelchair. Mark tries to fight his sins, but some things we will never be able to forgive ourselves.

Original title: Talog

English title: Sediment

Production country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Film type: Fiction

Year of production: January 2022

Language: Serbian

Runtime: 10′ 46“

Festivals / Exibitions:


A village on the edge of reason – in preproduction

Sediment, short feature film, 10 ‘, 2022

Algorithm Existence, short feature film 18 ‘, 2021

Code, short feature film, 11 ‘, 2021

Biopsies of a Youth, short , 10 ‘, 2021

View, short feature film, 12 ‘, 2021

Prometheus of Culture, short documentary 15 ‘, 2020


Branislav Stošić, was born in 1998 in Vranje. He is a third-year student of film and TV directing at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka. So far, he has made 6 short films, one documentary, and two music video. He is the author of all his films in terms of directing and screenwriting. In his films, he wants to deal with issues of mentality, tradition, and culture that influence modern man, and at the same time intertwined with the currents of globalization. His film „Prometheus of Culture“ was supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and shown as such as part of the omnibus film at the Sarajevo Film Festival. His film „Algorithmic Existence“ has also been selected at several festivals. He also writes poetry for which he was awarded in the „Poetic Microphony“ competition.