-Kuča ima rogove By. Stefan Tomič / 23’30 / 2021 / Bosnia

A family of three discovers that none of them have slept in days. The mother, concerned about the health of her family, tries to fight this mysterious insomnia, but every attempt is in vain. She begins to lose her sanity and as she breaks down, so does her family. Secrets are revealed and further jeopardize their relationship. Can they overcome those secrets? Maybe one honest word is what it takes.

Original Title:  Kuća ima rogove
English Title: The House Has Horns
Genre: drama (short)
Duration: 23:31
Year of Production: 2020. (post-production finished 2021.)
Country of Production:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Country/es of Co-Production:
Screening Format: Digital 2:1
Colour (Colour, Black and White or both): Colour
Language: Serbian
Subtitles:  English

Festivals / Exibitions

The film was shown at

-Winter Apricots-Prilep International Film Festival ( Macedonia) ,

-Sarajevo Film Festival,

-Early Bird International Student Film Festival ( Bulgaria) ,

– Serbia International Youth Film Festival,

– Diorama International Film Festival (India), and Jahorina Film Festival where it won an award for best international short film. It will be also screened in the competition programe of Star Film Fest (Croatia).




Stefan Tomić (August 7, 1998 / Banja Luka) is a fourth-year student of Film and TV Directing at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka. So far, he has made seven short films and one short documentary. He is the creative author of all his works, in terms of screenwriting, developing ideas, directing and editing. He won the first prize for the best screenplay in cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Culture of the Republic of Srpska, and the Kinoteka of Republic of Srpska for the film „The House Has Horns“. His documentary „The Roots“, won the Special Jury Award in the Student category at the Sarajevo Film Festival , and was screened at festivals in Europe and Asia.