Dark Light Voyage  By Tin Dirdamal & Eva Cadena / 66 min./ 2021 / Mex*


// Two years after the first public showing, this film can never be shown again (Hanoi Dogma) //

A Buddhist anti-parable of a journey into the dark light. His daughter looked out the window. It was 20 kilometers away from the Ruc Tribe- a people who are said to have been feeding a fire since the beginning. If they were to let the fire die, humanity would cease to exist. The journey was by train, from the north to the south of Vietnam because the man could not be in one place. He needed to be neither here nor there to understand that thing that so perturbed him.


Ji.hlava ‘21 Award Winner
L’Alternativa Barcelona ‘21 Award Winner Torino ‘21
Mar del Plata ‘21
Goteborg ‘22


Tin Dirdamal. Born 165 kilometers south of the US-Mexico border, self-taught filmmaker and accidental artist. He is an advocate of plagiarism and is a great ignorant of world affairs. His films have been shown and awarded at some of the most important art venues and film festivals around the world including: La Biennale di Venezia, Visions du Reél, IDFA, Jihlava, BAFICI… He has received grants from Sundance Institute, Tribeca Film Institute and Rockefeller Media Artists. He has been invited to mentor, give workshops and masterclasses at UCLA, YALE, NYU, Hunter, UMASS, Union Docs (Brooklyn), DocLab (Hanoi)…Tin Dirdamal is not his real name.

Eva Cadena. Born in the south of Mexico, climber, painter and filmmaker, she enjoys the art of confusing people. For a time she would put just about anything in the freezer, just to see what happened. She is a collector of many things; organizing her broken glass collection based on color, her rock collection based on size, and her street treasures based on how much she likes them. For Eva, laughter and trickery are her most useful tools. In 2019-2021 she collaborated for the first time with filmmaker Tin Dirdamal to create the feature film Dark Light Voyage, during this period she learned to speak Vietnamese.