Why is Mom Always Crying?

Cinema Parrallels 2021 Edition

Saturday, 21.32h

Karmen Obrdalj / Bosna i Hercegovina (2019) / 15:38 min.

"It was enough for me to think day and night about you." Ena discovers her parent’s love letters. They sent each other letters while they were separated in the war, in the most hopeless place in the world - Bosnia and Herzegovina. She goes on a trip to the City from her childhood “Pustograd” and she recalls the almost impossible love of her parents. When the war in Mostar begin, Ena's parents, a married couple of different nationalities, moved away from the war from Mostar to Pustograd where Ena's father is taken into captivity...


Karmen Obrdalj (1999, Split, Croatia). She is a full-time student of film and TV directing at the Academy of Arts, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She made six student feature films, one student documentary film and one music-video. Her films have been screened at regional and international festivals. She is the author of all her films; as a director and screenwriter. 2019 her student documentary film “Why is mom always crying” has been awarded seven times on regional and international festivals.

Awards and festivals:

Blue Danube Film Festival 2020
Liburnia Film Festival 2020


  • Director

    Karmen Obrdalj

  • Cinematographer

    Jana Vukovic

  • Editor

    Aleksandar Juric

  • Sound

    Aleksandar Juric