Sunshine, Come Back

Cinema Parrallels 2021 Edition

Saturday, 20.00h

Milica Jokić / Srbija (2017), 12:23 min.

"A natural occurrence and human nature" - the film follows the media's representation of the solar eclipse and the reaction of people in Serbia. This phenomenon often provokes an almost pre-apocalyptic state. The dedicated await it impatiently, while others' turn a blind eye. As time passes, technology improves as well as human knowledge, but looking at the eclipse we wonder whether there could be something new under the Sun.


Milica Jokic (1996) is an artist interested in documentary forms inside visual art, film and new media, through which she tries to understand reality and subtle life messages.

Awards and festivals:

Filmanak, Days of Serbian Film in Stuttgart (2017) – Premiere
Shortz, Novi Sad (2017)
Martovski festival, Belgrade (2018)
Festival of the contemporary art Videopark, Užice (2018)
Balkan Can Kino Film Festival (2019)
21114 Film Fest, Serbia (2019)
International festival of ethnological film, Ethnographic museum, Serbia (2019)

  • Director

    Milica Jokic

  • Editor

    Kristina Todorovic

  • Sound

    Mihailo Ivkovic