The Roots

Saturday, 20.30h

Stefan Tomić / Bosna i Hercegovina (2020) / 15:40 min.

While on my way to my grandma to help her harvest the hazel nuts, memories of childhood overwhelm me. The work isn’t hard, but the thoughts while I work are. I must confront the traumas I have, and have a last, sincere talk, with a dear one I tragically lost.



Stefan Tomić (born 1998), student of film directing at Academy of Arts Banja Luka. So far he has made six short films and one documentary. He is the creative author of all his works in the form of screenwriting, developing ideas and also working as a director of photography.


  • Director

    Stefan Tomic

  • Cinematographer

    Stefan Tomic

  • Editor

    Aleksa Doveden

  • Sound

    Stefan Tomic