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Akademija umjetnosti Banja Luka

Banja Luka University

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Friday 08 July 11H-13H

Tin Dirdamal (Artist - Filmmaker)

Fiction meets non-fiction

A masterclass that seeks to find new narratives far away from the film world. Where fiction meets non-fiction, where film and non-film converge. Far away from formulas, scripts, film schools and crews. In search of a place where creation and destruction sit at the same table to eat. Using the mistake and limitations as the driving force, the not knowing as the compass. A rather anti-masterclass born from a deep love and a great aversion to cinema.

Saturday 09 July 11H-13H

Fiamma Montezemolo (Artist - Filmmaker / Professor of Cinema and Digital Media)

Art + Antropology: Intermedia Practices, video installations and site-specific projects

In this masterclass, Fiamma Montezemolo re-traces her site-specific, interdisciplinary, and cross-genre interventions that built on her long-term exposure to borderlands and border zones. In creating a wide range of intermedia practices, (mainly installations and video works), that move between Art and Anthropology, she tries to create conceptual and evocative interventions that are less about documenting, translating or representing the Other, and more about moving alongside and contemplating the nature of desire in border zones.