Edition 2022

Unutrašnji glasovi, beskonačni pejzaži.

The voice is one of the main elements of the narrative. It is not only a technical aspect of vocalization, text or sound, but belongs to the universe that defines the film as a fact or artifact of an idealistic or utopian reality. The voice is a declaration of the format, a point of view; is a personal-political statement.

Inner voices, infinite landscapes define the name of our 2022 edition that overcame the last year after the uncertainty and instability of our post-pandemic context. In this program of intimate voices and domestic footage, the guest filmmakers unveil their inner universe, revealing to us their personal landscape and the impact of their voices in our world.

Through travel diaries, family albums, first person narratives, video journals, emotional photograph, selfies or family VHS: Tin Dirdamal (MEX), Marko Grva (Serbia) and Ivan Ramljak (Croatia), James N. Kienitz Wilkins (USA) and Fiamma Montezemolo (Italy-USA) share aspects of their present, personal and collective past, intimate moments, and dreams of future. The films of this edition present a poetic and collective mirror of our present times where we declare the video as a journal that chronicles our memoirs, intimacy and fears.

On this selection of films of narratives of the self, domestic and personal footage Inner voices, infinite Landscapes present a kaleidoscope of personal artistic explorations in an honest revelation of contemporary cinema.