2021 Edition

The most important question for us in a post-pandemic period was: Do we really need a film festival? Even when we haven’t return to a total recover, we still need vaccination the total of our population, people are now suffering so many lots, and the virus is still out there…but the answer to all of this is questions is yes! we need to make reality the festival again here in Banja Luka. If we believe in images as a language of encounter, in the role of the independent voices and the power of the community, then a film festival is not a distraction or a non-essential activity. It’s actually a necessary coming together, in whatever way is safe, to make sense of our moment, and to try to re-imagine how important is the art in our past time of isolation, in our daily life and in our dreams of a common future. See you in the cinema soon, and please: Don’t forget your mask!

Ozark Portfolio